The Last Sip

The Last Sip is a weekly, half-hour news show which targets Millennials of color—especially women and the LGBTQ community—by focusing on the information needs of historically marginalized communities.  Yet the program, which will air at 9:30 am each Sunday beginning on April 15, is for anyone who wants new ideas and new ways of thinking that are grounded in the experience of the people and places on the frontlines of social change. The program will have an initial eight-run ending on Sunday, June 8.

Created and hosted by Imara Jones, the idea for the program rests on an essential fact: that for this generation of Americans—the most racially diverse in US history where the majority are women and up to half of its youngest members don’t identify as heterosexual—news and information must be presented in a fundamentally different way to bring about the fairer and more just society that we all want.

That’s why each week we will filter national news stories through the prism of those who are among the most vulnerable but who, despite the adversity of the current climate, are driving societal transformation from the ground up.

What makes us different is that we believe that problems and solutions to our most pressing problems lie in the same place. And it is our mission at The Last Sip to help activate and mobilize our audience by sharing answers already at work in diverse communities in the United States and around the world.

Simply put The Last Sip is news for social change.