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HOT TEA: Kim K and Trump

In today’s Hot Tea we take on whether Kim Kardashian’s White House meeting with Trump signals broader moves coming from the Kardashian-West-Jenner clan.

publish June 3, 2018 1106
Modern Anti-Racism Tools

Rashad Robinson explains how Color of Changes uses digital media to help mobilize its more than 1 million members to fight racist structures.

publish May 27, 2018 991
The Cultural Rise of Donald Trump

Rashad Robinson explains how the overlap of politics, pop culture, and social media explain how we arrived at this moment in social justice.

publish May 27, 2018 938
Corporations and Racism

Rashad Robinson explains the role of corporations in helping to structure and institutionalize racism in the United States.

publish May 27, 2018 969
The Modern Infrastructure of Racism

Rashad Robinson explains the media, non-profit, think-tank, corporate and financing structures behind modern racism policies in the United States

publish May 27, 2018 1095
The Modern Fight Against Racism

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Change, sits down in this Memorial Day to discuss the persistence of racism in the United States and how millions of people are mobilizing to fight it.

publish May 27, 2018 1046
Royal Tea: Meghan Marries Harry

We cover all things Royal Wedding from the stately to the ratchet in this special segment on this historic union.

publish May 20, 2018 965
Black Women Run for Office

We discuss what’s behind the wave of black women running for political office with Illinois Congressional candidate Lauren Underwood and Texas district judge candidate Aurora Martinez Jones.

publish May 20, 2018 1298
Stacey Abrams Runs for Georgia Governor

We explore whether the historic bid of Stacey Abrams for the governorship of Georgia is a new model for politics or whether it falls short.

publish May 20, 2018 1050
Facebook and Black Voter Suppression

We discuss the use of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica to suppress black voters in 2016 and whether it could happen in 2018.

publish May 20, 2018 1023
Black Women in Politics and the Royal Wedding

We discuss the surge of black women running for office in 2018 from national to local races, black voter suppression in 2018 and the Royal Wedding

publish May 20, 2018 1019
Iran Deal Implodes, Politics 2018, Maxine Waters “Reads”

The Last Sip talks all things politics with Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous and New Mexico Democratic congressional candidate Deb Haaland. We also take on the rise of Islamophobia in the United States and how it might have influenced Pr

publish May 13, 2018 1339

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