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Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Scott Snyder of The Council on Foreign Relations discusses whether a formal end to the 65 year old Korean War is possible after the meeting between the presidents of North and South Korea.

publish April 29, 2018 600
How Sexual Assault Impacts Women of Color

Dr. Carolyn West discusses how the history of sexual assault against black women in the U.S. reverberates in the present.

publish April 29, 2018 1048
Bill Cosby Convicted of Sexual Assault

Dr. Treva Lindsey lays out how Bill Cosby’s conviction was made possible through decades of activism by Black women.

publish April 29, 2018 771
Hot Tea: Black Women and Scandal

The end of Scandal marked a historic moment for Black women in TV, Imara takes us through why.

publish April 23, 2018 592
Gentrification and Climate Change

Imara talk about how a warming planet can gentrification with Caroline Lewis of Miami’s The Cleo Institute.

publish April 23, 2018 723
Trump Legal Woes

Bombs in Syria and dramatic moves with North Korea are all taking place against the backdrop of falling poll numbers for Trump. To take us through what it means Imara sits down with BBC US Political Analyst, Eric. Ham.

publish April 23, 2018 609
Jamille Bigio
Web Extra: Women and Syrian Conflict

Is the US sending the wrong message to Syria with bombs and how are women and girls the answer to that war? Imara sits down with Jamille Bigio of The Council for Foreign Relations to answer these questions.

publish April 22, 2018 760
climate change
Fossil Fuel Divestment

Imara talks fossil fuel divestment as a tool to protect those hardest hit hit by climate change, name people of color in the US and around the world, with Thanu Yakupitiyage of

publish April 22, 2018 625
imara jones
Syria, Earth Day and “Scandal”

This week on The Last Sip, Imara talks Syria, Trump legal woes, climate change’s impact on communities of color, and the end of “Scandal.”

publish April 22, 2018 719
Rashad Robinson on Starbucks
Rashad Robinson on Starbucks

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of ColorOfChange speaks out on the Starbucks arrest controversy with Imara Jones, host of The Last Sip.

publish April 20, 2018 589
Hot Tea: Janelle Monet’s “PYNK”

Janelle Monet strikes a blow against misogyny with “PYNK” by encouraging women to let all of themselves just hang out.

publish April 15, 2018 753
Marielle Franco Update: Web Extra

Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept and Professor Erica Williams of Spelman College discuss the latest on the assassination of Brazilian Councillor Marielle Franco and it’s importance for women of color around the world.

publish April 15, 2018 676

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