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Owning Your Own Labor

Learn how Damayan, an organization who helps trafficked women break free, helps their members own their own labor through a workers cooperative.

publish April 15, 2018 1185
Tax Day and the Racial Wealth Gap

The tax code exacerbates longstanding racial inequities. Alexandra Bastien of the think-tank PolicyLink breaks down how and what can be done about it.

publish April 15, 2018 1049
Paul Ryan’s Legacy for Marginalized Communities

Former Obama aide and Founder of Common Thread Strategies discusses what Paul Ryan’s Speakership has meant for communities of color, those struggling economically and what it all means for the future.

publish April 15, 2018 1028
The Last Sip: Episode 1
Episode One: 4/15/18

In the first episode The Last Sip will tackle what Paul Ryan’s resignation means for historically marginalized communities, the racial wealth gap, worker cooperative as a solution, an update on the death of Marielle Franco and Janelle Monae’s new v

publish April 15, 2018 1349
Facebook Live interview
Facebook Live Interview of Imara Jones

Kai Wright of WNYC and The Nation interviews The Last Sip host Imara Jones to preview the program and what it’s all about.

publish March 23, 2018 1124
Video about the show "Purpose"

Get ready to sip our tea.

publish March 17, 2018 1118
Evolution - Video

Learn about Imara’s journey to host The Last Sip.

publish March 17, 2018 1266

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